Demonstrations at Jerry's Artarama

What fun!!! Demonstrations at Jerry's Artarama in Austin have now been scheduled monthly. While I demonstrated the encaustic monotype process this past Saturday, there were people from Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas in the audience. It's always a pleasure to invite the people watching from a distance to come forward and join in the process...people enjoy having the hands on experience while I benefit from hearing about their experiences with encaustics. The children are intrigued with the feeling of oil pastels and R & F pigments used on the light box. Their faces light up when the melting begins. It always amazes me how many people know the history of encaustics and it's a pleasure to watch the growing number of people shopping at Jerry's go to the shelves for their first or even their 100th encaustic purchase. Thanks to Jerry's...I have a regular spot at the table every month...come for a visit!!! I'd love to see you there.