Austin Museum of Art comes to Bay6 Gallery and Studios

What an honor to have the docents of the Austin Museum of Art visit our space. We had the pleasure of meeting and talking with twelve of the docents from the Austin Museum of Art on Friday, May 16th. Individually, Caroline Wright, Darvin Jones and myself (the artists at Bay6) talked about our work. The docents listened as we talked about our creative process, our thoughts and inspiration and then came into our studios. They were invited to give feedback and to ask questions while everyone enjoyed "champassion" drinks and lemon bars. What fun!!!! as well as a special treat to have these women spend the morning with us in our studios.

Encaustic Monotype Classes

Encaustic classes in my studio have been inspiring. Six people per class offers me a chance
to work with each person one on one. It's great to see how each artist has a unique style and thought pattern. Some students have limited experience in encaustics while there are others who have knowledge of the process yet have not had hands on experience. We begin at 9:30 a.m. and usually end the class around 1:30. Each person has a work station with an individual light box, heat gun and supplies. A variety of paper types are furnished including packing materials, newsprint, watercolor paper--both new and used, wrapping papers and a plentiful supply of found objects are always available for people to experiment with or incorporate into their work. Students often bring their personal favorites from home including photographs, images to work from or objects used to create interesting textures and shapes. Workshops will be offered in the fall and classes will continue to be offered throughout the summer.


Day Trip to Houston on May 6th

May 6th was the first time we actually met. Deanna Wood of Dallas, Gwen Plunkett of Houston and myself met at the Menil in Houston, had lunch and discussed all the possibilities for the three TexasWax groups. The opportunities are endless and after a long day of inspiring discussion and wonderful ideas streaming between the group...we decided a juried show would be a way to bring the three groups together and should be held next March to give us an opportunity to organize the details. The show will be open to TexasWax artists in all three groups...juror is unknown at this time and details will be worked out soon. We ended the day with a delightful and tasty evening meal prepared by one of the members in the Houston group...and several members of TexasWax/Houston attended. What an exciting day!!!!